VMRO-DPMNE received support from Kurz on an event that hasn’t even taken place yet

на 28. 11. 2016 | | mk
  [Review of the text titled: “International support for VMRO-DPMNE”]   This is a textbook example of a solicited article published in a medium to promote one political party. Typical propaganda that aims to impress the public that VMRO-DPMNE receives international support. The article is neither commentarial, nor sensationalistic, nor one-sided, yet it looks like an ordinary news from a rally. However, its main flaw is that it is published three hours prior the event’s onset. This represents total manipulation and misinforming of the public.   Link to the original article: Меѓународна поддршка за ВМРО-ДПМНЕ Date and time of publishing: 27 November 2016, 3:46 PM Date of review: 27 November 2016 Reviewer: Simona Atanasova   “VMRO-DPMNE and the Coalition for better

Media violence against children (UPDATED)

на 16. 09. 2016 | | mk

[Review: Live teenage sex: They recorded the hot action and went live on Facebook (VIDEO +18)]

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski   Numerous principles of domestic and international Codes of journalists are violated by this media content we are reviewing. And that’s not all – multiple provisions from international Declarations on the rights of the child are violated, that, by the way, have been ratified by the Republic of Macedonia,

Explicit instigation to violence

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[Review: THE PUBLIC IS LOSING ITS PATIENCE: the Embassy was once burning, the ambassador had a narrow escape – this time he won’t!]

  If you publish an article which with its title, its comment and with additional opinion as alleged public support instigates some kind of rerun of the arson of the US Embassy in the spring of 1999, then you certainly should attract the attention of the bodies which have the obligation to implement law and keep the public order. There is no official reaction about the article we are reviewing, except angry comments on Facebook (the ones we saw) why the Public Prosecution Office is mute… Anyway, it is a matter of a clear and unambiguous instigation

From Skopje “to Russia with Love”!

на 18. 12. 2015 | | mk

[Review: While We Slobber at NATO’s Gates: Serbia Becomes the Most Powerful Military Force with Russian Weapons!]

  The reviewed text indeed includes “slobbering”, as it claims, but it is directed towards Russia. The article looks like just another text resembling something that would be issued by a Cremlin spokesperson.   Link to original article: ДОДЕКА НИЕ СЕ ЛИГАВИМЕ ПРЕД ПОРТИТЕ НА НАТО: Србија станува најмоќна воена сила со најсофистицирано

Whistleblowers – foreign hypocrisy or a domestic media spin

на 28. 10. 2015 | | mk

[Review: Law on protecting whistleblowers is required in Macedonia, despite whistleblowers being imprisoned in the USA]

  The main thesis of this article is that legal protection is requested for whistleblowers in Macedonia (people publicly reporting unlawful act at their workplace), although they are being persecuted in the USA, which is an example of hypocrisy. In addition, the article contains contradictory statements regarding the protection of whistleblowers in the EU countries.   Link to the original article: Law on protecting whistleblowers is required in Macedonia, despite whistleblowers being imprisoned in the USA Date and time of publication: October 20, 2015, 17:46   Review date:  October 28, 2015    Reviewer: Vladimir Petreski At the beginning, the article criticizes the state of whistleblower protection in the

A promo video of Putin as if from the Soviet times long ago

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[Review: WHY THE WORLD WANTS A LEADER LIKE PUTIN: Watch Putin flying bomber jets, driving combine harvester, racing Formula 1 car and much more!]

  Lauding, lauding, lauding and a bit more sucking up… Link to the original article: ЗОШТО СВЕТОТ САКА ЛИДЕР КАКО ПУТИН: Погледнете го Путин како лета со бомбардери, вози комбајн, се трка со Формула 1 и многу друго! Date and time of publishing: 26 September 2015 Date of review: 30 September 2015 Reviewer: Vladimir Mircheski  


Frankly, I’m amazed. If we were in Russia, I suppose that such articles would be and are normal, but we are not. I’m trying to discover the reason for

Review: Former Special Rapporteur ignores the questions of “Dnevnik” daily about the “Putsch” affair

на 16. 04. 2015 | | mk
  The fact that Richard Howitt, one of the most influential MEPs “dared” to warn the Macedonian government not to arrest opposition leader Zoran Zaev, is obviously considered to be a “great sin” by some people. This is why the author of the article that is the subject of this review tried so hard (as she said) to reach this British politician, mostly at his Brussels address. Despite her alleged

A text in trance started a war against journalistic standards

на 9. 04. 2015 | | mk

[Review: Charles Garrett started a war against half a million VMRO-DPMNE voters]

These days we saw how after the publication of the “bombs of Zaev”, two, perhaps crucial, but unknown facts (published in a daily newspaper) for the average reader to understand the crisis in the country, got caught up in the didactic style of the authors, who, instead of illuminating the news – as a classic journalistic reflex – immediately tried to argue over these new developments, butchering the form and genre, and even being indecent when addressing a diplomat from a high ranking country.
Link to the original article: Чарлс Гарет отвори војна со половина милион гласачи на ВМРО ДПМНЕ Date and time of publication: 31.03.2015, 19:17 Review

Review: Qatar Announces more Intensive Business Activities in Macedonia

на 22. 03. 2015 | | mk, sq
How many times some of Macedonian top politicians need to visit Qatar so Macedonia would get an investment from that country? And how many times do Qatar officials need to come to Skopje to develop the potential economic ties? This is a logical question these days, when there’s a number of news reports from Qatar about the trip of Macedonian president Ivanov to this Gulf state [primarily to attend the 2015 World Men’s Handball Championship]. It is clear that as a big sports lover, he went to root for the Macedonian handball team. It is not clear about the other stated purpose, which gains absolute priority in news reports – the development of mutual economic relations. Considering the great intensity

Review: Kosovo citizens are massively buying real estate in Skopje, Tetovo and Gostivar

на 16. 02. 2015 | | mk, sq
  This text is using speculation in an attempt to disturb interethnic relations at a turbulent time for the country. The worst thing is that the text is far from the truth. Although real estate agencies are mentioned as the sources of information, their names and locations are not revealed and that gives us reason for doubt. It’s also a speculation that “almost 80 percent of the newly built