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You can use this page of the Media Fact Checking Service website to suggest an article or TV/Radio newscast for review by the team of reviewers of this service. Your suggestion should contain a link to the proposed article, so we can locate it. It will be submitted to the reviewers and if a reviewer is interested, he/she will review your suggested article.

Reviews are done according to the project methodology, and the Code of Journalists of Macedonia is taken into account, as well as the codes of relevant international journalism organizations.

As it can be seen from the form, the submission of suggestions for review is anonymous if you so wish, meaning that you don’t even have to provide an e-mail address.

We encourage you to write a few words in the “Your message” field, explaining why you think the suggested article should be reviewed, especially if you are an expert in the field covered by the article and if you have specialized knowledge that would help us and guide us in terms of what we should look for when doing the review.

Note: Please do not leave comments and opinions about published articles here. You can post comments and opinions under each published text on this website.

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