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Vlado Lucić – News Bar: When people want to believe a lot, it’s not difficult to trick them

на 27. 01. 2017 | | mk
Vlado Lucić: “Here everything is fake”

“We don’t write a lot about Macedonia, but when we do, the articles become quite popular. It seems like your situation is not much tolerant, the freedom of media is quite limited and every time we write about your government, we receive fierce comments that defend it”

  Author: Vladimir Petreski   Vlado Lucić is the CEO of News Bar, a Croatian satire website.

“Borrowing” of news ends up like “bush telegraph”

на 11. 01. 2017 | | mk, sq
  Author: Ferikan Iljazi   The appearance of “borrowing” of news or daily information among websites, oftentimes without quoting the original or quoting it inappropriately, is prevalent in Macedonia. To begin with, it’s enough just to see the first title that shows up in the news aggregators, which later is repeated by at least 15 different websites. Often, there isn’t even an attempt to change neither full stop nor a

The swamp of untruth depicted as “post-truth”

на 10. 01. 2017 | | mk
Post-truth does not require yelling, just an echo chamber. Photo: Garry Knight, 2012  

The choice of the word “post-truth” as Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016 is mainly spurred by the Brexit campaigns and the US Presidential election. However, the political conditions in our country show public negligence of facts, and politics is based only on subordinating to the prejudices which are entrenched in parts of the public

The media in EC’s Country Report: There is no progress

на 21. 11. 2016 | | mk
There is no progress – the media are still trapped in the claws of politics. Photo: Google/Pixabay  

“There was no progress in this area over most of the past year”, is noted in the European Commission’s Country Report, in the section dedicated to freedom of expression, which covers the situation of the media in Macedonia. The Ambassador of the European Union, Samuel Zbogar, thinks that freedom of media remains

Stevan Dojcinovic: It is horrifying when the state uses the secret police to track journalists

на 4. 11. 2016 | | mk
Stevan Dojcinovic, leader of KRIK: There are corruption-related topics as much as your heart desires  

Loving your country and doing your job is the key. It is stronger than the moment when the state will arrest the former ministers. The individuals who are strong, who will step forward are important. Afterwards, it’s late. There is no effect in arresting a dead horse

  Author: Vlado Gjorchev   Probably more

Petitions for the media submitted, the court is reviewing them unhurriedly

на 19. 10. 2016 | | mk
Control is remote, supervision is from up-close. Photo: redjar/flickr  

This article explains the actions taken by the competent institutions and bodies – the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Services (AAAS) and the Temporary Committee for Supervision of Media in the Pre-election Period (the Ad hoc body), the decisions they make and how they explain their decisions on petitions against the media, when they break the rules of reporting, which

Explicit media content and its influence on children

на 15. 09. 2016 | | mk, sq
Erotic content on the Internet can be more deleterious than pornography. Illustration: Seedfeeder, Wikipedia  

The moral, religious and the provisions created by the country call on control and management of explicit and disturbing content. If the new generations’ awareness on general media culture is raised, the level of such media content will be proportionally lowered

  Author: Agron Vrangalla   The media influence on various social categories has always

The social networks are not owned by the employers

на 7. 09. 2016 | | mk
The Constitution, the laws and the employment contracts. Photo: Pixabay/Wikipedia  

“Media Print Macedonia” (MPM) has given new contracts to the employees in the newspapers it owns, which do not allow expression of political views on the Internet, i.e. on the social networks, so the journalists won’t be able to express their affiliation toward certain political party

  Author: Ana Anastasovska   This news was confirmed by the newspapers’ employees,

Fabricating blood in the streets from a café on Leninova Street

на 25. 08. 2016 | | mk
Montaged image – montaged article. Photo: Screenshot – DCleaks  

Although the attacks on the American mediatorship in our elections by the protagonists of the government’s interest are not directly referred to Washington D.C., we witness amplifying of the attacks on the foundations and the NGO sector, which are referred to as “CIA’s exponents”. In order to present softened impression, even the Americans in these articles are being “defended”from the

There is a thin line between hate speech and violence

на 23. 08. 2016 | | mk
Hate speech does not equal freedom of speech. Photo: Google

The Courts and the Public Prosecution Office established a non-punishment phenomenon, which created a feeling of legal insecurity among the citizens and high level of non-confidence in the bodies which implement the justice in the Republic of Macedonia. We are referring to the hate speech, highly serious appearance that produces violence and hatred inspired actionsа

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski