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Stevan Dojcinovic: It is horrifying when the state uses the secret police to track journalists

на 4. 11. 2016 | | mk
Stevan Dojcinovic, leader of KRIK: There are corruption-related topics as much as your heart desires  

Loving your country and doing your job is the key. It is stronger than the moment when the state will arrest the former ministers. The individuals who are strong, who will step forward are important. Afterwards, it’s late. There is no effect in arresting a dead horse

  Author: Vlado Gjorchev   Probably more

Petitions for the media submitted, the court is reviewing them unhurriedly

на 19. 10. 2016 | | mk
Control is remote, supervision is from up-close. Photo: redjar/flickr  

This article explains the actions taken by the competent institutions and bodies – the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Services (AAAS) and the Temporary Committee for Supervision of Media in the Pre-election Period (the Ad hoc body), the decisions they make and how they explain their decisions on petitions against the media, when they break the rules of reporting, which

Review: Kosovo citizens are massively buying real estate in Skopje, Tetovo and Gostivar

на 16. 02. 2015 | | mk, sq
  This text is using speculation in an attempt to disturb interethnic relations at a turbulent time for the country. The worst thing is that the text is far from the truth. Although real estate agencies are mentioned as the sources of information, their names and locations are not revealed and that gives us reason for doubt. It’s also a speculation that “almost 80 percent of the newly built

Review: Zaev: Macedonia should not have reacted to “Slavomacedonians”

на 27. 09. 2014 | | mk
There is at least two reasons why this text cannot be called a journalist text. First, because it is false, and second, because it has so many spelling, grammar and technical errors and it can hardly even be interpreted. And once it is interpreted, we can conclude that every sentence is a story for itself, being spinned or having some part of the truth removed or added. Link to the original article: Заев: Македонија не требаше да реагира за „славомакедонци“ Date and time of publication: 25.09.2014, 21:47 Review Date: 27.09.2014 Reviewer: Vlado Gjorchev  


This text disagrees with the truth. The next US Ambassador to Macedonia did not use the term “Slavomacedonians” (which should be written