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Can the publishing of the recording showing how the young Almir was ran over be considered as public interest?

на 7. 07. 2016 | | mk, sq
Accident with deadly consequences and journalistic ethics. Photo: Pixabay  

Last weekend, the Macedonian public was shocked by the case of the 4 year old Almir from Kumanovo who was deliberately ran over, after which he died. According to the media information, the hideous occurrence was a result of a fight between the child’s parents and the suspect. A day after his death, a video of the horrible event was

Egyptian media “are measured” by the Akhbar Meter

на 7. 06. 2016 | | mk

Part of the homepage of the simply designed website of the Akhbar Meter. Photo: Screenshot

A media fact checking service is functioning in Egypt too. Two enthusiasts revolted by the immense media propaganda in that country, more than a year ago decided to establish a media fact checking Internet platform, and Metamorphosis was here to help them, with adjusted version of the methodology used by the organization for its

Journalists should never forget the Holocaust

на 31. 03. 2016 | | mk
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. From the author’s photo archives

History teaches us that evil triumphs when good people are silent. In fact, one who is silent and recognizes evil, is not a good person at all. Hence, silent journalists are not good journalists.

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski   There are organizations, groups and individuals in the world that, due to reasons familiar only to them, wish to entirely distort the truth about the Holocaust or to devalue it to the extent of obliterating the importance of this tragic process and to send this lunacy into oblivion. Macedonia also has its share of advocates of absurd, meaningless and monstrous ideas that the Holocaust had been organized

The story about the swan in Ohrid: Bush telegraph and adorned information

на 21. 03. 2016 | | mk
One photo, plethora of speculations. The story about the Ohrid swan was republished by the world media as well. Photo: Nakje Batev, used with permission.


The whole Ohrid swan case and the way the information was distributed, only points out to the significance of the language in the news articles – the language ought to be clear, precise and comprehensive

  Author: Dimitar Tanurov   “The world is the

TV Dnevnik: MTV did not see the Ambassadors’ message to Gruevski!

на 5. 11. 2015 | | mk
A striking example of a recording being “cut, edited, manipulated” – 2:33 minutes turned into 46 seconds. Photo: screenshots

[Critical review of the TV Dnevnik (Main News Program) of the Macedonian National Television, broadcasted on October 27, 2015, 19.30h]


The complete statement of the diplomats was not interesting enough for the national television, so it broadcasted an “entire” 46-second video from Garrett’s statement. The video from Garrett’s statement with messages

The EU puts an end to the publicly funded government propaganda

на 20. 06. 2015 | | mk, sq
Johannes Hahn, EU’s chief negotiator for the resolution of the Macedonian political crisis. Photo: EPP, 2013     As part of the process for resolving the current political crisis, EU’s priorities in terms of the media, and particularly the recommendations of the EU’s expert team for the situation with the media in Macedonia, drew clear boundaries that cannot be crossed and that prevent the undemocratic, manipulative, political and openly criminal

Kremlin’s Propaganda in and around Macedonia

на 28. 05. 2015 | | mk

Author: Vladimir Petreski “The idea of one universal reality is a form of intellectual racism”
– Russian crypto-fascist A. G. Dugin
The column by Mirka Velinovska, published on May 15, 2015 under the title “‘Pavement-revolutionaires’ will party against Macedonia,”* brought the pro-Russian propaganda in Macedonia to a new level in regard to use of terminology, brazen-faced villainy, and the dynamics. Deeming the western ambassadors in Macedonia “representatives of American-European

How should whistle-blowers be treated in the laws and in the media

на 17. 05. 2015 | | mk, sq

The involvement of the media is inevitable in the whistle-blowing process, as well as the involvement of the civil society organizations as an important segment that connects citizens with the public institutions and enables easier circulation of information.

Author: Vlado Gjorchev An unfavorable climate is present in Macedonia, where the media, NGOs, public and private companies, and citizens themselves have difficulties in achieving a more active, quality inclusion but also in presenting the problems they are facing on a daily basis. We could overcome this situation if policy-makers enable an improved accessibility and openness for the citizens, and provide solutions for improved functioning of the society. Experts say that when it comes to whistle-blowers, these are the main reasons. According

How to find news that has “dissapeared” from the Internet?

на 7. 06. 2014 | | mk, sq
This journalistic lesson shows how to use Google, Archive, and to access content which is no longer available on the websites which have originally published it.     By: Filip Stojanovski, ICT expert, program coordinator at Metamorphosis Foundation
In certain situations there’s public interest to find contents that were published online, but later removed. This journalistic lesson shows how to use tools by Google, Archive, and

Video tutorials on multimedia and social media intended for journalists

на 13. 08. 2013 | | mk, sq
The Metamorphosis Foundation created 8 video tutorials within the framework of the project “Trainings for journalists” in order to increase the knowledge and skills of journalists in terms of their adaptation to the current needs and trends in journalism. Tutorials cover the following topics:
  • Recording and processing an audio recording in Audacity
  • Creating and processing video in Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Creating a slideshow of photos with Flickr
  • Use of