Council of Media Ethics found 9 Metamorphosis Foundation’s complaints justified

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Yesterday, 6 April 2017, the Council of Media Ethics made 9 decisions on the same number of complaints lodged by Metamorphosis Foundation, and all of them were found to be justified. The complaints were lodged because the websites,,,,, as well as the TV stations Kanal 5, Nova, and Sitel didn’t publish a denial regarding article/TV story published by these media. The denials that Metamorphosis delivered were regarding the untruths about the work of the Foundation stated at a press conference held by a group dubbed Stop Operation Soros (SOS). It is unclear what or whom this group represents, who is behind such name, having in mind the fact that same three persons always speak

2. April – International Fact-Checking Day

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Fact-checking : throwing light on the truth. Photo: Pixabay   2. April is promoted as the International Fact-Checking Day from the International Fact-Checking Network, established under the Initiative of the Poynter Institute from S. Petersburg, Florida in cooperation with fact-checking organizations around the world. “International Fact-Checking Day is not a single event but a rallying cry for more facts – and fact-checking – in politics, journalism, and everyday life”, says

Vlado Lucić – News Bar: When people want to believe a lot, it’s not difficult to trick them

на 27. 01. 2017 | | mk
Vlado Lucić: “Here everything is fake”

“We don’t write a lot about Macedonia, but when we do, the articles become quite popular. It seems like your situation is not much tolerant, the freedom of media is quite limited and every time we write about your government, we receive fierce comments that defend it”

  Author: Vladimir Petreski   Vlado Lucić is the CEO of News Bar, a Croatian satire website.

Nikola Mladenov – A life bestowed to journalism

на 15. 03. 2016 | | mk, sq
Nikola Mladenov, journalist and founder of “Fokus”. Photo: Fokus

Nikola Mladenov was born on this day 52* years ago. A man considered to be one of the forefathers of the Macedonian Spring and a journalist who indebted the fragile Macedonian democracy immensely. On the evening of 26 March 2013, just two weeks after his 49th birthday, Mladenov lost his life in a tragic car accident. We will pay

Appeal by Editorial Board of Vest Daily: Government Attempts to Crush the Newspaper

на 20. 12. 2015 | | mk
The Editorial Board of Vest daily issued the following appeal on December 20, 2015: Appeal of the Editorial Board of Vest Daily In the middle of the negotiations for media freedom according to the Przino Agreement, we face a political attempt to shut down Vest Daily, the most popular daily newspaper in Macedonia that has the biggest circulation and highest credibility. The Editorial Board of Vest Daily is shocked and deeply worried by the decision of the management of Media Print Macedonia (MPM) to replace the Editor in Chief Mr. Goran Mihajlovski. Mr. Mihajlovski’s contract ends on December 31, 2015 and apparently the management decided not to renew it. Mr. Mihajlovski is a founder and a head of Vest Daily

Global Voices Community Stands With Moroccan Free Expression Advocates

на 19. 11. 2015 | | mk, sq

Posted 18 November 2015 7:15 GMT The Global Voices community demands justice for seven free expression advocates who are facing trial in Morocco due to their advocacy.
The seven advocates have sought to defend human rights, hold authorities accountable to the public, and uphold rule of law in their country. Five have been charged with “threatening the internal security of the State” and two face charges of “receiving foreign funding without notifying the General Secretariat of the government.” We call on the Moroccan government to stand by its commitments to international human rights agreements and drop all charges against these seven individuals. Among those charged is Hisham Almiraat, a medical doctor and long-time member of our community. We cannot remain

AJM: US and EU condemns the violence against journalists

на 17. 09. 2015 | | mk, sq
Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) published the following announcement on Sept. 17, 2015: A month ago, the Association of Journalists of Macedonia faced with escalating violence against journalists and irresponsible and unprofessional behavior of the Ministry of Interior Affairs sent letter to all relevant organizations where Macedonia is full member, as are the United Nations, the Council of Europe and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the most important partners of Macedonia, United States and the European Commission. With the letter alerted these organizations and countries about violence against journalists takes dramatic proportions and asked for immediate intervention within the Macedonian authorities to ensure security in the performance of Macedonian journalists and to prohibit their lives endangerment.

Homage in the French Embassy for the victims in Paris

на 8. 01. 2015 | | mk, sq
Skopje, 8 January, 2015 (META) – Homage for the killed in the terrorist attack on the weekly “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris was held today at the Embassy of the Republic of France in Skopje. Ambassador Laurence Auer said that today is a national day of mourning in France and in diplomatic and consular missions of their country. She dismissed yesterday’s attack as a cowardly attack and insidious act, in which 12 people were killed. – Famous cartoonists from French press, journalists, employees and two policemen were among the victims. They fell from the bullets hatred and intolerance. In France, “Charlie Hebdo” embodies the freedom of expression on all possible topics. Intellectual provocation is essential in the building of our thought,

Hate speech is Considered a Crime in the Republic of Macedonia

на 6. 03. 2014 | | mk, sq
In February 2014, the Republic of Macedonia enacted new legal provisions prohibiting and punishing hate speech and dissemination of online materials that promote or incite hatred, discrimination or violence on any ground, against any person or group. With the amendments to the Criminal Code that were immediately adopted by the Assembly in early 2014 and came into force in mid-February (eight days after being published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, No. 27 from 05.02.2014) Article 319 now reads: Inciting hatred, discord or intolerance on a national,
racial, religious or any other discriminatory ground
(1) Any person using force, harassment, endangering safety, derision of national, ethnic, religious and other symbols, by burning, destroying or otherwise damaging the

New Macedonia Media Leaders Program Begins Recruitment

на 13. 12. 2013 | | mk
IREX is proud to launch the new Macedonia Media Leaders Program (MMLP) with applications available immediately. MMLP is a professional development program for Macedonian journalists and media professionals. The program strives to strengthen media in Macedonia by working with media professionals in fostering leadership skills, developing media professionalism, and expanding professional networks. Through tailored fellowships, MMLP fellows gain hands-on experience with the U.S. media sector, while participating in media and leadership training. Funding for the project is provided by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Skopje. “We are excited to launch this new program modeled on the highly successful Community Solutions Program. From what we have seen from the Community Solutions leaders who have returned to their