Kremlin’s Propaganda in and around Macedonia

Пропагандата на Кремљ во Македонија е предвидлива, груба, примитвна, неизделкана, лесно воочлива и содржи голем јаз меѓу она што таа го кажува и фактичката реалност. Но, токму тоа и може да се очекува - пропагандата и реалноста никогаш не оделе добро една со друга.


VMRO-DPMNE received support from Kurz on an event that hasn’t even taken place yet

  [Review of the text titled: “International support for VMRO-DPMNE”]   This is a textbook example of a solicited article published in a medium to promote one political party. Typical propaganda that aims to impress the public that VMRO-DPMNE receives international support. The article is neither commentarial, nor sensationalistic, nor one-sided, yet it looks like an ordinary news from a rally. However, its main flaw is that it is published three hours prior the event’s onset. This represents total manipulation and misinforming of the public.   Link to the original article: Меѓународна поддршка за ВМРО-ДПМНЕ Date and time of publishing: 27


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