e-GENERATION: The generation that refuses to die in the transition tunnel

на 18. 08. 2016 | | mk, sq
e-Generation. Photo: Vancho Djambaski  

No generation had brought and won’t bring the perfect system, but of course, it always brings better one than the previous. That cycle must not stop. It is time to confront and to leave room for the e-Generation

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski   The disintegrated illusions about the war in Vietnam, the Watergate affair, Nixon’s resignation, the then most powerful person in the world…,

Transformation of the media: On the distorted values

на 17. 08. 2016 | | mk
  Journalism – from a regulator of public policies to a toy of the politicians. Photo: pixabay  

The ad hoc body for control of the media will be one more reason for political quarrels. And it will be so because in our country, simply, the journalistic criteria, the ones that are simple, healthy, well-known in the democracy world, are totally messed up

  Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI   Rearrangement is coming,

Media regroupings: Why Soros bothers the government so much?

на 21. 06. 2016 | | mk
George Soros takes part in the panel discussion of the Foundation Heinrich-Böll in Berlin. Photo: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, 2014  

Every government that uses its existence for material self-enriching on the back of its own people is deformed since the very beginning. Therefore it is bothered by everything that comes as criticism and limiting of their desire for power and money. The current one is not different at all.

  Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI  

This isn’t Ukrainian, yet Balkan scenario written by corrupted leaders

на 9. 06. 2016 | | mk
  Ukraine – Western Balkans: Balkan corruption – Balkan “scenario”. Photo Flickr/Mirror  

There aren’t many western leaders who have the opportunity to stay in power for too long, to steal votes easily, to be without neat electoral rolls… Of course, corruption exists in the developed democratic societies, but it is noticed and punished. When it comes to us and some other countries around us, we witness a situation when

Media forays – Forcing external (and, furthermore) internal enemy

на 6. 06. 2016 | | mk
Yellow vans and made up enemies in the mud. Photo: Flickr  

Since the onset of the political crisis that involves the “bombs”, the constructions that there is an external plan, that secret services and even more secret scenarios are involved, with a clear target – to collapse Gruevski’s regime, gained significant strength. All of this is persistently forced on the public by the regime media.

  Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI  

Executing Propaganda Operations Against Your Own People as if They Are the Enemy

на 3. 03. 2016 | | mk
Propaganda. Photo: Ramón Peco, 2013

The current continued and repetitive propaganda of the government media resembles a typical intelligence handling of population in some enemy country, but in no way well-meant and objective informing of own people.

  “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” (George Orwell)   Author: Vladimir Petreski   Consistent and repetitive publishing of stories paid from one

EU Must Hold Gruevski to Account Over Reforms

на 2. 08. 2015 | | mk
Ерван Фуере. Фото: OSCE/Igor Schimbator, 2012 The government’s continued culture of denial when it comes to the wiretapping allegations gives little reason to hope that it will respect the July 15 agreement. By Erwan Fouéré, originally published by Balkan Insight, republished with permission.   Six months have passed since the leader of the main opposition party in Macedonia revealed evidence of alleged corruption on the part of the government of

Listen to the Correspondents

на 21. 09. 2014 | | mk, sq

Working conditions for Macedonian journalists are bad; this topic has already been absolved. But the working conditions for Macedonian correspondents can be described with only one word – impossible! It is simply impossible to provide good, quality, professional work if you are reduced to status of a hireling drifting between media outlets. And all this, in most cases, is part-time, which is euphemism for illegal work.

Written by: Tamara