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Listen to the Correspondents

на 21. 09. 2014 | | mk, sq
Ли Милер (Lee Miller) воен дописник од Втората светска војна. Овде снимена во во кадата на Хитлер, 1945. Не е јасно дали имала подобри услови за работа од сегашните дописници. Фото: Lee Miller Archives
Lee Miller in Hitler’s bath, 1945, detail. It’s unclear whether she worked in better conditions than contemporary correspondents. Photo: Lee Miller Archives.

Working conditions for Macedonian journalists are bad; this topic has already been absolved. But the working conditions for Macedonian correspondents can be described with only one word – impossible! It is simply impossible to provide good, quality, professional work if you are reduced to status of a hireling