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There is a thin line between hate speech and violence

на 23. 08. 2016 | | mk
Hate speech does not equal freedom of speech. Photo: Google

The Courts and the Public Prosecution Office established a non-punishment phenomenon, which created a feeling of legal insecurity among the citizens and high level of non-confidence in the bodies which implement the justice in the Republic of Macedonia. We are referring to the hate speech, highly serious appearance that produces violence and hatred inspired actionsа

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski

e-GENERATION: The generation that refuses to die in the transition tunnel

на 18. 08. 2016 | | mk, sq
e-Generation. Photo: Vancho Djambaski  

No generation had brought and won’t bring the perfect system, but of course, it always brings better one than the previous. That cycle must not stop. It is time to confront and to leave room for the e-Generation

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski   The disintegrated illusions about the war in Vietnam, the Watergate affair, Nixon’s resignation, the then most powerful person in the world…,

Journalists should never forget the Holocaust

на 31. 03. 2016 | | mk
The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. From the author’s photo archives

History teaches us that evil triumphs when good people are silent. In fact, one who is silent and recognizes evil, is not a good person at all. Hence, silent journalists are not good journalists.

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski   There are organizations, groups and individuals in the world that, due to reasons familiar only to them, wish to entirely distort the truth about the Holocaust or to devalue it to the extent of obliterating the importance of this tragic process and to send this lunacy into oblivion. Macedonia also has its share of advocates of absurd, meaningless and monstrous ideas that the Holocaust had been organized

Review: One Year Since the Black December 24th

на 26. 12. 2013 | | mk
A number of journalistic texts do not deserve attention, from different reasons. However, those articles that use untruths, serious untruths, must not be overlooked. Because, regardless of its quality, every journalistic text leaves a trace. The Internet and the new digital technologies made journalistic contents widely available and with ability to remain archived. If we do not speak of such texts, if we do not point out the untruth they spread, we share the responsibility that someone, at some point in time, might use them as a source. So, in any case, we must not keep silent. Link to original article: : Една година од црниот 24 декември [One Year Since the Black December 24th] Date and time of publication

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