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Transformation of the media: On the distorted values

на 17. 08. 2016 | | mk
  Journalism – from a regulator of public policies to a toy of the politicians. Photo: pixabay  

The ad hoc body for control of the media will be one more reason for political quarrels. And it will be so because in our country, simply, the journalistic criteria, the ones that are simple, healthy, well-known in the democracy world, are totally messed up

  Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI   Rearrangement is coming,

Media regroupings: Why Soros bothers the government so much?

на 21. 06. 2016 | | mk
George Soros takes part in the panel discussion of the Foundation Heinrich-Böll in Berlin. Photo: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, 2014  

Every government that uses its existence for material self-enriching on the back of its own people is deformed since the very beginning. Therefore it is bothered by everything that comes as criticism and limiting of their desire for power and money. The current one is not different at all.

  Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI  

Media forays – Forcing external (and, furthermore) internal enemy

на 6. 06. 2016 | | mk
Yellow vans and made up enemies in the mud. Photo: Flickr  

Since the onset of the political crisis that involves the “bombs”, the constructions that there is an external plan, that secret services and even more secret scenarios are involved, with a clear target – to collapse Gruevski’s regime, gained significant strength. All of this is persistently forced on the public by the regime media.

  Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI