Media forays – Forcing external (and, furthermore) internal enemy

on 6 - 06 - 2016       
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Жолти комбиња и измислени непријатели во калта. Фото: flickr
Yellow vans and made up enemies in the mud. Photo: Flickr


Since the onset of the political crisis that involves the “bombs”, the constructions that there is an external plan, that secret services and even more secret scenarios are involved, with a clear target – to collapse Gruevski’s regime, gained significant strength. All of this is persistently forced on the public by the regime media.


Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI


At the beginning it was the yellow van and the technical assistance of certain intelligence services for perfect editing of the recordings. Some people in this country were just mercenaries, domestic assistants in the crimes against the country.

It was implied that perpetrators are top notch intelligence services (read CIA, MI5, MI6, probably MOSSAD) and everything goes via Soros’ Foundations, USAID’s programmes and mercenaries of the West…

At the same time, the government swears that their orientation is NATO, the EU, that their religion are the European, western civilizational democratic values, it swears to the leader’s achievements in affirming those values, i.e. USA and EU – the official strategic partners of the Macedonian country and Gruevski’s government.

So now, I wonder if the same ones we swear to, the same strategic partners in which we see the salvation from the 25-year misery we are in, sabotage us and undermine the foundations of the country via their own services, agents, mercenaries, with the assistance of domestic traitors, cause a crisis that we cannot resolve?! But this is somewhat stupid, if you think about it, knowing that the USA and EU  don’t have a reason to do something like this, because we are oriented and strive towards them, aren’t we? Why would they destabilize us or would like some other situation, when we gave them everything here and we, i.e. the government, are just waiting to request something from us in order to please them, to be good and to start including us in their teams? Besides, we don’t keep secrets from our friends, especially the Americans, do we?

Now here comes the dilemma – why the Americans and the other ones would cause a crisis? Maybe it is not a word about them, maybe the matter is about somebody else who wants to destabilize us. Maybe the Russians who have century-long aspirations for access to the warm seas? What sea? If it is the Aegean, the Greeks are there. Or it is about the promise of Ljubcho (Georgievski) for complete Macedonia, who back in 1993 promised that the next congress of VMRO will be held in Thessaloniki? Maybe the Russians feel the need to overtake the Americans with the influence they have on this, extremely vital (!?), Balkan point? Probably, but no such suspicion has been stated so far, yet no such moments have been neither indicated nor insinuated. Besides, didn’t the Russians send a telegram with support for Gruevski’s government, so that is excluded too. Thus, the USA and EU are suspicious, as well as their intelligence services and also the domestic traitors. Germany is highly suspicious as well, which, as we can see, is especially engaged in our crisis?



It is noticeable that military-political commentators and analysts from the surroundings came to give a hand to our guys for clarifying our situation. There are analysts parading on the regime TV stations – confirmed manipulators, theoreticians of planetary conspiracies, Russians spies, punks with valued titles, who should export their conspiracy theories throughout the entire region. The government’s journalistic mercenaries are delighted and give them space in the newspapers, they give them multiple-hour shows on the TV stations. These, according to these good-neighborly (?!) analysts and experts for special wars, have been scenarios prepared and realized in Ukraine, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, furthermore, it was Serbia’s turn now. People from the neighboring countries go out on the streets, there are protests, there are demonstrations in the Parliaments. And all of this, according to the neighborly analysts – who have huge experience, since the time of Slobodan Miloshevich and know how those conspiracies function – is a part of the plan to change the political situation in the region, so America can easily put us under its wing! Now here is another dilemma – why America needs this, when we are already put under its wing! And we cannot wait to be under its wing! Probably they want something more! Probably they want to take the Alshar deposit (a low-temperature hydrothermal gold–arsenic–antimony–thallium deposit in Southern Macedonia), or the paprika, or the watermelons away from us?

One thing I know is that all totalitarian regimes have been building and still build their empires and undermine the people using the same card – the acting of the internal, and, furthermore, the internal enemy! The intimidation with them is raised to the level of a doctrine, a system. In such regimes, peoples are being mobilized in order to reject that danger.

Forcing the external, and, furthermore, the internal enemy, because without him this model would not function properly, does not make the construction. If the second one is non-existing, he should be made up.



This was how the comrade Stalin and the comrade Tito were functioning. This is how they managed to maintain their rule for decades. Stalin killed millions of people using the same trick, whereas Tito created the notorious Goli Otok. Their mental heirs, now analysts, former theoreticians, were building their careers (and rich privileges) with forcing external dangers, and, furthermore, internal ones. So nowadays, during this political crisis, we are being piled up with theoretically (?!) manipulative articles in the regime media on a daily basis, which are supposed to intimidate us, to enlighten us in the danger, to insinuate, to suggest that we should defend the regime who has been stealing from us in the past 10 years. And all of this in the name of the independence, sovereignty, integrity, national dignity and various other things from the vast array of misused terms in the single-mindedness and the  dictatorships.

These analysts don’t even think that the reasons for USA’s and EU’s behavior lay in the cognizance that here we have a regime which annihilates the democracy and confronts its citizens among themselves. And also that such regime represents discrediting of their pledges. Nobody says anything that, in our case, a planetary theft for the benefit of a small group of people in power is occurring in the name of our country. Nobody says anything that we have party judiciary and administration, totally directed Parliament, criminals in power. Maybe that’s where they should search for the roots of the possible dissatisfaction of the Western partners?

There is one interesting constant regarding the Western values – when they benefit from it they refer to the West and pray to it, they emphasize it as an exemplar. When it does not suit them, they blame it for everything! Such ambiguity serves for one goal only – to keep the power. And the money, of course.


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