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The Media Fact-Checking Service (MFCS) was a portal that was aimed to enhance professional and ethical standards in Macedonian journalism, primarily through fact-checking in the journalistic contents, but also through the publication of educational and informational content aimed at dissemination of professional and ethical journalism.

The Media Fact-Checking Portal developed within the USAID project Strengthening Independent Media in Macedonia – Media Fact-Checking Service Component (MFCS) and it was implemented from November 2012 to February 2017 by the Foundation “Metamorphosis” from Skopje.

MFCS continues to work on fact-checking and raising of the professional journalistic standards in the country.

Citizens are entitled to fact-based, objective and professional news and information!

The 30 months USAID Strengthening Media in Macedonia Project – Media Fact-Checking Service Component was implemented by Metamorphosis and its aim was to empower Macedonian citizens to hold the media accountable, and to assist journalists in the implementation of their professional standards, by providing online tools and resources for public education and awareness raising. The purpose of the Media Fact-Checking Service Component was to increase the citizen demand for fact-based, objective and professional news and information.

The Media Fact-Checking Service Component was implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society.

Expected project outcomes included:

  • Establishment of the Media Fact-Checking Service, which provided:
  • The creation of a permanent public record documenting key issues related to media quality and accountability in Macedonia, through expert peer reviews and analyses published on the website.
  • An open space for citizens and media professionals to hold a structured public discussion on issues related to the quality of media products, through the Service as an online platform.
  • A basis for advocacy for media accountability.
  • Increased citizen demand for fact-based, objective and professional news and information as a result of the published public education contents.
  • Increased level of public awareness about standards of professional journalism and application of critical thinking as a way to confront media deviations.
  • Increased awareness of media professionals about the professional standards enshrined in relevant codices, and their duty to seek and report the truth, in a transparent and accountable manner.

Planned project activities included:

  • Constant production of analytical articles according to a set methodology based on journalistic ethical codices: reviews by journalists and analytical articles aimed to increase public education and incite debates about media accuracy.
  • Cooperation with the media and civil society organizations in promoting fact-based, objective and professional journalism.

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Project Team

Project Manager/Chief of party : Filip Stojanovski
Macedonian language contents editor: Vladimir Petreski
Albanian language contents editor: Petrit Saracini

Administrative assistant: Ljiljana Cekic-Lazorovska
Web administrator: Filip Neshkoski

Macedonian language proofreader: Liljana Petrushevska