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Desoroization, degülenization and similar forms of exorcism

Zealots of exorcism against the NGOs. Photo: Jacob Davis, 2004
The way we perceive (“see” and make sense of) things, determines our behavior a great deal. The media control what the public is going to see by dimensioning the strength of the stimulus, i.e. they focus the attention on only one part of what is being informed on, thereby limiting the size and quality of perception. If the information pre-dimensions one part of the image, the context can be easily lost and what we see can be incorrectly interpreted, and our acts, our behavior will be guided by that interpretation,


VMRO-DPMNE received support from Kurz on an event that hasn’t even taken place yet

  [Review of the text titled: “International support for VMRO-DPMNE”]   This is a textbook example of a solicited article published in a medium to promote one political party. Typical propaganda that aims to impress the public that VMRO-DPMNE receives international support. The article is neither commentarial, nor sensationalistic, nor one-sided, yet it looks like an ordinary news from a rally. However, its main flaw is that it is published three hours prior the event’s onset. This represents total manipulation and misinforming of the public.   Link to the original article: Меѓународна поддршка за ВМРО-ДПМНЕ Date and time of publishing: 27


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