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Nikola Mladenov – A life bestowed to journalism

Никола Младенов, новинар и основач на „Фокус“. Фото: Фокус
Nikola Mladenov was born on this day 52* years ago. A man considered to be one of the forefathers of the Macedonian Spring and a journalist who indebted the fragile Macedonian democracy immensely. On the evening of 26 March 2013, just two weeks after his 49th birthday, Mladenov lost his life in a tragic car accident. We will pay him homage by publishing articles written by his colleagues and friends after his tragic death.


Explicit instigation to violence

[Review: THE PUBLIC IS LOSING ITS PATIENCE: the Embassy was once burning, the ambassador had a narrow escape – this time he won’t!]   If you publish an article which with its title, its comment and with additional opinion as alleged public support instigates some kind of rerun of the arson of the US Embassy in the spring of 1999, then you certainly should attract the attention of the bodies which have the obligation to implement law and keep the public order. There is no official reaction about the article we are reviewing, except angry comments on Facebook (the ones


Journalistic Lessons