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Petitions for the media submitted, the court is reviewing them unhurriedly

Control is remote, supervision is from up-close. Photo: redjar/flickr
This article explains the actions taken by the competent institutions and bodies – the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Services (AAAS) and the Temporary Committee for Supervision of Media in the Pre-election Period (the Ad hoc body), the decisions they make and how they explain their decisions on petitions against the media, when they break the rules of reporting, which are submitted to a court which should decide upon them


Media violence against children (UPDATED)

    [Review: Live teenage sex: They recorded the hot action and went live on Facebook (VIDEO +18)]   Author: Zoran Bojarovski   Numerous principles of domestic and international Codes of journalists are violated by this media content we are reviewing. And that’s not all – multiple provisions from international Declarations on the rights of the child are violated, that, by the way, have been ratified by the Republic of Macedonia, which means that not only it should protect them, but it should sentence the ones violating them. Laws are also violated, such as our Law on Audio and Audiovisual Services,


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