Review: Kosovo citizens are massively buying real estate in Skopje, Tetovo and Gostivar

on 16 - 02 - 2015       
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This text is using speculation in an attempt to disturb interethnic relations at a turbulent time for the country. The worst thing is that the text is far from the truth. Although real estate agencies are mentioned as the sources of information, their names and locations are not revealed and that gives us reason for doubt. It’s also a speculation that “almost 80 percent of the newly built apartments in Tetovo and Gostivar have been bought by Kosovo citizens.” How did this figure get in the article? Who told them this information? This is not explained in the text. Then why should we trust it? Therefore, this text is a speculation with very unprofessional content and questionable implications.

Kosovo stanoviLink to the original article: Граѓани од Косово масовно купуваат имоти во Скопје, Тетово и Гостивар

Date and time of publication: 11.02.2015, 11:02

Review date: 02/13/2014

Reviewer: Vlado Gjorchev



The intention of the text, at a time when the entire Macedonian public is preoccupied with the massive eavesdropping, is an attempt to defocus the public from the current events and issues. The following text made a more comprehensive analysis of this speculation, confirming that these claims are not true:

Real estate agencies from Tetovo, Gostivar and Kumanovo claim that there are no real estate buyers from Kosovo, citing the legal provisions according to which, foreigners cannot buy real estate in our country. During the last month, the Ministry of Interior has not noticed an increased number of foreigners passing through the border crossings, or an increased number of registered guests from Kosovo.

Analyst Mersel Biljali also claims that this information is classic speculation:

“This information is pure nonsense. These people are fleeing from the poverty in Kosovo and I wonder what they would want here, when we are even poorer. It’s not logical. I believe the presentation of such information is yet another attempt to defocus the public from the current events and problems. Truly frightening information is used from Kosovo, where due to the poor governing by a government that only thinks about criminal acts and getting rich, 150,000 people are selling everything and moving from Serbia and Hungary to Western Europe, looking for a normal life. There is no other logical explanation for the creation of a problem where there isn’t one, unless, as I said, the goal is to defocus the public.”

Although it is full of speculations and questionable sources, the text sparked the attention of the public. This only shows its true purpose, which is to misinform the public and to instill fear. If the text is thoroughly reviewed according to all journalistic standards, it can be proven that everything that is written is just a speculation.




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