Media regroupings: Why Soros bothers the government so much?

on 21 - 06 - 2016       
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Џорџ Сорос учествува во панелот на Хајних Бол фондацијата во Берлин. Фото: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftungm 2014
George Soros takes part in the panel discussion of the Foundation Heinrich-Böll in Berlin. Photo: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, 2014


Every government that uses its existence for material self-enriching on the back of its own people is deformed since the very beginning. Therefore it is bothered by everything that comes as criticism and limiting of their desire for power and money. The current one is not different at all.


Author: Aleksandar SHOLJAKOVSKI


I still haven’t heard that the new Minister of Finance is proclaimed a “sorosoid”?! According to the mental constitution of those managing the propaganda machinery of the ruling party, that must happen – because the peculiar Minister, before his career in VMRO-DPMNE, was in charge of managing the American assistance from the USAID program which, after Soros’ Foundation Open Society, is holding the respectable second place on the enemy list that spur, stimulate and finance the Colorful Revolution and the anti-government activities in general. It would be fair of them to admit that some traitors have infiltrated their lines and are under direct control of those foreign powers.

This mockery tone is logically imposed when we are reminding ourselves of all the hideous things that this government (all the way to the crown – the former Prime Minister) has said for all the forms of assistance in preventing the complete overtake of the control over the media freedoms and the free citizen thought by the government.



I am sure of one thing. If it wasn’t for the Foundation Open Society and the other forms of stimulating the truthfulness in journalism and promotion of human freedoms, the Macedonian public, the civil and especially the media sphere, would have been completely different. If it wasn’t for the assistance from this Foundation, the Macedonian media sphere would have been molded by the ruling party. We would not have had freedom at all because the government’s intention to conquer all media would have been realized. The free notion and expression would have been completely under governmental control – directed, instructed, dimwitted. What’s left we owe to the relatively humble assistance from this Foundation and others similar to it. That embryo allowed the articulation of the freed energy in this time of revolt. People would not have been aware of the Colorful Revolution if it weren’t for the several free media. The government would have done everything in its power to stop the spreading of the word about SDSM’s “bombs”, and the protests throughout the country would have been neglected, which is what the government media actually do.

For more than 20 years, Soros’ Foundation helped in publishing and in sustaining plethora of publications, books, civil initiatives. The first printing Roto machine is bought with Soros’ resources, which was not under control of the ruling echelon, regardless the background. That first Roto machine outside the government, was given as a gift to one of the current high officials in VMRO-DPMNE, the mayor of Kochani and a helper of the party.

Soros helped in the free articulation of the term for democracy, progress, freedom. I remember that Soros’ resources played a key role in the publication of the “Dnevnik” daily, the newspaper that smashed the state monopoly of “Nova Makedonija”. Those resources helped the publication of “Denes” and “Makedonija denes”, newspapers that were not on the side of the social democratic government at that time. And as a witness of the aforementioned occurrences, I know that nobody ever wanted somebody else to be loyal or whatsoever in return of the assistance.



There are many others that can confirm all of this. But as far as I can see, nobody does that. Not even the people in the current government who have received assistance from the same Foundation for their activities, do not admit it. And it would have been fair, nonetheless, because we should remember that George Soros helped Macedonia in the critic year of 1992, when Macedonia was financially separated from Yugoslavia with approximately $20 million in its reserves! We would have frozen to death that year if it weren’t for the Soros’ credit for oil procurement.

Everyone acts as it is shameful to show gratitude for good deeds. Is it because of this government’s twisted politics which continuously stimulates the fear of the internal and external enemies in order to create an excuse of its debacle? They made one tasteless horseplay with Soros (the sorosoids) and created a completely skewed view towards an activity that generally brought positive points to our society.

Let’s not talk for those members of VMRO-DPMNE (when they were the opposition) who were using resources and enjoying support from Soros’ Foundation and other similar ones with years. Why, for instance, they do not mention the German Foundations? Probably because they (were) are dominating them? Are they also sorosoids, but under somebody else’s influence?



The animosity of the VMROesque propaganda towards everything progressive, free, able to deliberate, consequently against them, is a foreign spy installation, conspiracy against the government, enemy element – is completely obviuos. They are the direct mental heirs of the totalitarian society. Those who can recall, know that all outbursts of freedom and of non-reconciliation with the single-mindedness were identified as external enemy, infiltrated agents, foreign mercenaries… The odium towards Soros is on the same level with that twisted consciousness.

The harangue against the free thinking includes entire teams of journalists(!?), analysts(!?), pseudo-diplomats, who are serving the government and its dictatorship. Their goal is to present everyone who does not think like them as national traitors or foreign agents.

As a relief or as an illustration, the neighboring countries such as Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina and Montenegro are dealing with the identical situation. Everything that appears to be a free thinking alternative of the single-mindedness is by default assisted by the enemies. We already hear about the Balkan spring, according to the analogy of the Arab spring, which completely shook several Arab countries. Of course, we have CIA, NSA and other western agencies behind the Balkan spring. (But, it is interesting that nobody says anything for probable Russian inspiration or assistance?!)

Plus, I still haven’t heard neither from Gruevski nor from Vuchich to say they don’t need the assistance from the various Foundations and development programs because they are ideologically colored and probated with different services for their users. On the contrary, they jointly use the European or the American funds for their own promotion. This duality is twice as shameful and speaks precisely of the government’s nature.

Every government that uses its existence for material self-enriching on the back of its own people is deformed since the very beginning. Therefore it is bothered by everything that comes as criticism and limiting of their desire for power and money. The current one is not different at all.

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