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The swamp of untruth depicted as “post-truth”

на 10. 01. 2017 | | mk
Post-truth does not require yelling, just an echo chamber. Photo: Garry Knight, 2012  

The choice of the word “post-truth” as Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2016 is mainly spurred by the Brexit campaigns and the US Presidential election. However, the political conditions in our country show public negligence of facts, and politics is based only on subordinating to the prejudices which are entrenched in parts of the public

Fabricating blood in the streets from a café on Leninova Street

на 25. 08. 2016 | | mk
Montaged image – montaged article. Photo: Screenshot – DCleaks  

Although the attacks on the American mediatorship in our elections by the protagonists of the government’s interest are not directly referred to Washington D.C., we witness amplifying of the attacks on the foundations and the NGO sector, which are referred to as “CIA’s exponents”. In order to present softened impression, even the Americans in these articles are being “defended”from the

Explicit instigation to violence

на 12. 07. 2016 | |

[Review: THE PUBLIC IS LOSING ITS PATIENCE: the Embassy was once burning, the ambassador had a narrow escape – this time he won’t!]

  If you publish an article which with its title, its comment and with additional opinion as alleged public support instigates some kind of rerun of the arson of the US Embassy in the spring of 1999, then you certainly should attract the attention of the bodies which have the obligation to implement law and keep the public order. There is no official reaction about the article we are reviewing, except angry comments on Facebook (the ones we saw) why the Public Prosecution Office is mute… Anyway, it is a matter of a clear and unambiguous instigation

This isn’t Ukrainian, yet Balkan scenario written by corrupted leaders

на 9. 06. 2016 | | mk
  Ukraine – Western Balkans: Balkan corruption – Balkan “scenario”. Photo Flickr/Mirror  

There aren’t many western leaders who have the opportunity to stay in power for too long, to steal votes easily, to be without neat electoral rolls… Of course, corruption exists in the developed democratic societies, but it is noticed and punished. When it comes to us and some other countries around us, we witness a situation when

A text in trance started a war against journalistic standards

на 9. 04. 2015 | | mk

[Review: Charles Garrett started a war against half a million VMRO-DPMNE voters]

These days we saw how after the publication of the “bombs of Zaev”, two, perhaps crucial, but unknown facts (published in a daily newspaper) for the average reader to understand the crisis in the country, got caught up in the didactic style of the authors, who, instead of illuminating the news – as a classic journalistic reflex – immediately tried to argue over these new developments, butchering the form and genre, and even being indecent when addressing a diplomat from a high ranking country.
Link to the original article: Чарлс Гарет отвори војна со половина милион гласачи на ВМРО ДПМНЕ Date and time of publication: 31.03.2015, 19:17 Review

Review: Qatar Announces more Intensive Business Activities in Macedonia

на 22. 03. 2015 | | mk, sq
How many times some of Macedonian top politicians need to visit Qatar so Macedonia would get an investment from that country? And how many times do Qatar officials need to come to Skopje to develop the potential economic ties? This is a logical question these days, when there’s a number of news reports from Qatar about the trip of Macedonian president Ivanov to this Gulf state [primarily to attend the 2015 World Men’s Handball Championship]. It is clear that as a big sports lover, he went to root for the Macedonian handball team. It is not clear about the other stated purpose, which gains absolute priority in news reports – the development of mutual economic relations. Considering the great intensity

Review: Macedonian Woman – Sex Party Candidate for an Australian MP

на 6. 09. 2013 | | mk, sq
“As Macedonians living in Australia, we will soon rejoice over the selection of a Macedonian citizen in the Australian Parliament.” This sentence reflects the essence of the text published in the Republika weekly’s web portal, about a Macedonian woman’s candidacy for the upcoming parliamentary elections on the 7th continent, when the citizen of Kumanovo Nevena Spirovska will try to become an MP from Kalvel, the Federal State of Victoria in the federal Parliament. The article, aside from trying to “infect us” with patriotic pride, is not providing details about the program of the party with an attention-grabbing name, which seems far more interesting than her birthplace. Review: Macedonian Woman – Sex Party Candidate for an Australian MP Link to the

Review: Meeting of the work team of MISA and MAN regarding the draft Media Law

на 23. 04. 2013 | | mk
The attempt for an express adoption of the Media Law by the government came across some strong reactions by journalists, their larger Association (Association of Journalists of Macedonia) and several NGOs. There were numerous allegations for circumvention of the public debate, as well as reactions from the international community, resulting with a slowdown in the adoption of a comprehensive and complex legal text. Several pro-government newsrooms – unsurprisingly – contributed