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The social networks are not owned by the employers

на 7. 09. 2016 | | mk
The Constitution, the laws and the employment contracts. Photo: Pixabay/Wikipedia  

“Media Print Macedonia” (MPM) has given new contracts to the employees in the newspapers it owns, which do not allow expression of political views on the Internet, i.e. on the social networks, so the journalists won’t be able to express their affiliation toward certain political party

  Author: Ana Anastasovska   This news was confirmed by the newspapers’ employees,

Can the publishing of the recording showing how the young Almir was ran over be considered as public interest?

на 7. 07. 2016 | | mk, sq
Accident with deadly consequences and journalistic ethics. Photo: Pixabay  

Last weekend, the Macedonian public was shocked by the case of the 4 year old Almir from Kumanovo who was deliberately ran over, after which he died. According to the media information, the hideous occurrence was a result of a fight between the child’s parents and the suspect. A day after his death, a video of the horrible event was