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TV Dnevnik: MTV did not see the Ambassadors’ message to Gruevski!

на 5. 11. 2015 | | mk
A striking example of a recording being “cut, edited, manipulated” – 2:33 minutes turned into 46 seconds. Photo: screenshots

[Critical review of the TV Dnevnik (Main News Program) of the Macedonian National Television, broadcasted on October 27, 2015, 19.30h]


The complete statement of the diplomats was not interesting enough for the national television, so it broadcasted an “entire” 46-second video from Garrett’s statement. The video from Garrett’s statement with messages

Review: Government Forges European Report on Macedonia?

на 24. 10. 2014 | | mk, sq
The article under review is a good example of conveying all the information in just a few lines. By using links placed on the key words, the readers can verify the trustfulness of the published contents on their own. Link to the original article: Владата го фалсификува европскиот извештај за Македонија?
[Government Forges European Report on Macedonia?] Date and time of publication: October 20, 2014. 14:06 hrs Review date: 23.10.2014 Reviewer: Olivera Vojnovska
The Key in the Two Links Information sources for this material are the ИProgress Report on the Process of Association of Republic of Macedonia into the EU and the official translation of this document published on the web-page of the Secretariat for European Affairs of Republic of

Review: The Dutch Embassy funds the opposition and the creation of parallel state systems in Macedonia

на 13. 01. 2014 | | mk, sq
This is an article in which all of the ethical and professional journalistic standards have been suspended. This speculative editorial material does not indicate sources, facts and arguments, but is full of accusations for the Embassy of the Netherlands in Macedonia. The author claims that the embassy would, allegedly, finance the opposition-friendly media with a grant of 80,000 euros and will work against the Government and the interests of the country! ‘The intention of the Dutch embassy to work against the current government and against the Republic of Macedonia is obvious if we take into account the fact that one of the funded projects is a website that will publish data about all the media in the Republic of Macedonia:

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