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Egyptian media “are measured” by the Akhbar Meter

на 7. 06. 2016 | | mk

Part of the homepage of the simply designed website of the Akhbar Meter. Photo: Screenshot

A media fact checking service is functioning in Egypt too. Two enthusiasts revolted by the immense media propaganda in that country, more than a year ago decided to establish a media fact checking Internet platform, and Metamorphosis was here to help them, with adjusted version of the methodology used by the organization for its

Review: Insurance is the best and cheapest solution

на 30. 08. 2013 | | mk
Author : Teo Blazevski Introduction : The text is an extended news article – information about a specific problem . However, it does not abide by all journalistic standards. It is lacking elements for the article – such as source and time. A further research effort that would lead to the title of the text has not been made, which is in full contrast to the allegations made in the text. Link to the original article: Insurance is the best and cheapest solution Date and time of publication: August 9, 2013 Review date: 11.08.2013 Reviewer: Teofil Blazevski Accuracy of facts: Cannot be determined Information sources: It is obvious that various sources have been used

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