Review: Government Forges European Report on Macedonia?

на 24. 10. 2014 | | mk, sq
The article under review is a good example of conveying all the information in just a few lines. By using links placed on the key words, the readers can verify the trustfulness of the published contents on their own. Link to the original article: Владата го фалсификува европскиот извештај за Македонија?
[Government Forges European Report on Macedonia?] Date and time of publication: October 20, 2014. 14:06 hrs Review date: 23.10.2014 Reviewer: Olivera Vojnovska
The Key in the Two Links Information sources for this material are the ИProgress Report on the Process of Association of Republic of Macedonia into the EU and the official translation of this document published on the web-page of the Secretariat for European Affairs of Republic of

Review: Zaev: Macedonia should not have reacted to “Slavomacedonians”

на 27. 09. 2014 | | mk
There is at least two reasons why this text cannot be called a journalist text. First, because it is false, and second, because it has so many spelling, grammar and technical errors and it can hardly even be interpreted. And once it is interpreted, we can conclude that every sentence is a story for itself, being spinned or having some part of the truth removed or added. Link to the original article: Заев: Македонија не требаше да реагира за „славомакедонци“ Date and time of publication: 25.09.2014, 21:47 Review Date: 27.09.2014 Reviewer: Vlado Gjorchev  


This text disagrees with the truth. The next US Ambassador to Macedonia did not use the term “Slavomacedonians” (which should be written

Review: The poor south is better for girls in high school, too

на 22. 08. 2014 | | mk
This is the second text with a very similar headline and reason, coming from the same media in a single month. The text is about processed data from Northern Europe related to rape of women, i.e. sexual harassment of female minors. We have no doubt about the authenticity of the presented content for Sweden, though there should be at least one more source (given that this is not a classic interview with the person providing the information). However, the method of connecting this information to the situation in Macedonia is extremely suspicious. The purpose is to leave an impression that it’s safer here and to send the following message (no matter how groundless it is): Don’t go to Sweden, especially

Attempting to Dress “Civil” into a Military Uniform

на 11. 07. 2014 | | mk

[Review: “Civil” working on foreign black scenarios – heating up tensions and provoking inter-ethnic conflicts]

This text in its introduction does not hide its intention to put the nongovernmental organization Civil in front of a firing squad. This intent is clear not only in relation with the current events connected to the protests due to “Monster” court case, but also due to Civil’s previous activities, which the author considers are pro-opposition, i.e. pro-SDSM. Claims by unnamed “experts” are used as “proofs” for these attempts to blacken the reputation of the NGO.  Link to the original article: „Цивил“ одработува туѓи црни сценарија – подгрева тензии и провоцира меѓуетнички конфликти Date and time of publication: 08.07.2014 Review dateе: 09.07.2014

Review: “Reporters Without Borders is a fraud”

на 17. 02. 2014 | | mk, sq
This is not the first time for such a title to appear in this media, which is proved by traces on the content aggregator. This time, the occasion is the latest report of “Reporters without borders”, where Macedonia is ranked at the 123 position, with a drop of 6 positions compared to last year. The text was published immediately after the latest report of “Reporters without borders” precisely to

Review: Babies will be implanted with GPS chips

на 26. 01. 2014 | | mk, sq
Some journalists and editors have the odd need of constantly being in a state of making news out of every information, which is later widely read, viewed, heard, although oftentimes such information doesn’t have such potential. Most information is characterized by fake, seductive dazzle and most of the times, if the journalist is unable to resist it, and the editor cannot recognize it, such information becomes sensationalism. The article, subject of our review, complies with the aforesaid: this news’ fake dazzle hasn’t been “recognized” as worth of publishing, therefore this article’s title and content have nothing to do with reality. Yes, it should be said that the subject of implanting microchips containing personal data and GPS features is a hot

Review: The Dutch Embassy funds the opposition and the creation of parallel state systems in Macedonia

на 13. 01. 2014 | | mk, sq
This is an article in which all of the ethical and professional journalistic standards have been suspended. This speculative editorial material does not indicate sources, facts and arguments, but is full of accusations for the Embassy of the Netherlands in Macedonia. The author claims that the embassy would, allegedly, finance the opposition-friendly media with a grant of 80,000 euros and will work against the Government and the interests of the country! ‘The intention of the Dutch embassy to work against the current government and against the Republic of Macedonia is obvious if we take into account the fact that one of the funded projects is a website that will publish data about all the media in the Republic of Macedonia:

Review: One Year Since the Black December 24th

на 26. 12. 2013 | | mk
A number of journalistic texts do not deserve attention, from different reasons. However, those articles that use untruths, serious untruths, must not be overlooked. Because, regardless of its quality, every journalistic text leaves a trace. The Internet and the new digital technologies made journalistic contents widely available and with ability to remain archived. If we do not speak of such texts, if we do not point out the untruth they spread, we share the responsibility that someone, at some point in time, might use them as a source. So, in any case, we must not keep silent. Link to original article: : Една година од црниот 24 декември [One Year Since the Black December 24th] Date and time of publication

Review: Who is this Dunja Mijatovic person?

на 18. 11. 2013 | | mk, sq
The text ‘Who is this Dunja Mijatovic person?’ starts with an offensive title, trying to present the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatovic as an unimportant person interfering in the internal affairs of Macedonia and unnecessarily commenting on the freedom of the media. According to the text, Mijatovic is still an unknown person in the UK despite the fact that this country is establishing a new regulatory body for the print media, which is a threat to media freedom.  “The two distinguished British newspapers have neither heard, nor are they interested in the statements and function of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media First of all, it must be noted that the freedom of

Review: Genocide in Macedonia: 1 million babies aborted since 1977

на 10. 09. 2013 | | mk, sq
When words such as “genocide” and “baby” are part of an article’s title, they are bound to attract the readers’ attention. Both the title and most of the content of the text are designed in such a way that they leave no room for doubt about the view of the author and the editorial staff regarding the amendments to the Law on abortion, which were a hot topic for the domestic public this summer. The year mentioned in the title (1977) is the year when the Law on abortion was passed, whose provisions were subject to changes with the request for urgent amendments by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. However, the connection of a serious term such as