Review: Macedonian Woman – Sex Party Candidate for an Australian MP

на 6. 09. 2013 | | mk, sq
“As Macedonians living in Australia, we will soon rejoice over the selection of a Macedonian citizen in the Australian Parliament.” This sentence reflects the essence of the text published in the Republika weekly’s web portal, about a Macedonian woman’s candidacy for the upcoming parliamentary elections on the 7th continent, when the citizen of Kumanovo Nevena Spirovska will try to become an MP from Kalvel, the Federal State of Victoria in the federal Parliament. The article, aside from trying to “infect us” with patriotic pride, is not providing details about the program of the party with an attention-grabbing name, which seems far more interesting than her birthplace. Review: Macedonian Woman – Sex Party Candidate for an Australian MP Link to the

Review: Insurance is the best and cheapest solution

на 30. 08. 2013 | | mk
Author : Teo Blazevski Introduction : The text is an extended news article – information about a specific problem . However, it does not abide by all journalistic standards. It is lacking elements for the article – such as source and time. A further research effort that would lead to the title of the text has not been made, which is in full contrast to the allegations made in the text. Link to the original article: Insurance is the best and cheapest solution Date and time of publication: August 9, 2013 Review date: 11.08.2013 Reviewer: Teofil Blazevski Accuracy of facts: Cannot be determined Information sources: It is obvious that various sources have been used

Review: Meeting of the work team of MISA and MAN regarding the draft Media Law

на 23. 04. 2013 | | mk
The attempt for an express adoption of the Media Law by the government came across some strong reactions by journalists, their larger Association (Association of Journalists of Macedonia) and several NGOs. There were numerous allegations for circumvention of the public debate, as well as reactions from the international community, resulting with a slowdown in the adoption of a comprehensive and complex legal text. Several pro-government newsrooms – unsurprisingly – contributed