Review: Qatar Announces more Intensive Business Activities in Macedonia

on 22 - 03 - 2015       
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Катар најавува поинтензивни бизнис активности во Македонија-crop-resize

How many times some of Macedonian top politicians need to visit Qatar so Macedonia would get an investment from that country? And how many times do Qatar officials need to come to Skopje to develop the potential economic ties? This is a logical question these days, when there’s a number of news reports from Qatar about the trip of Macedonian president Ivanov to this Gulf state [primarily to attend the 2015 World Men’s Handball Championship]. It is clear that as a big sports lover, he went to root for the Macedonian handball team. It is not clear about the other stated purpose, which gains absolute priority in news reports – the development of mutual economic relations. Considering the great intensity of visits by Macedonian politicians to this country, a report on the subject would require more precise information about the economic ties between Macedonia and the Persian Gulf.


Катар најавува поинтензивни бизнис активности во МакедонијаLink to the original article: : Катар најавува поинтензивни бизнис активности во Македонија [Qatar Announces more Intensive Business Activities in Macedonia]

Date and time of publication: 15.01.2015 12:09

Review date: 17.01.2014

Reviewer: Ljubomir Kostovski

“Ivanov conducted a meeting with the Sheikh [Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani], the Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry. At the meeting, they exchanged information about the opportunities and the interest to intensify the economic collaboration. President Ivanov presented the benefits which foreign investors receive in Republic of Macedonia, and the  Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry promised that he will soon send a team to Republic of Macedonia to explore the opportunities for economic collaboration, and stressed that he expects to welcome the interested Macedonian companies to come to Doha.”

If you attempt to browse a bit older news about such visits and put them in a row, you can easily deduce that all the new reports are basically a “copy-paste” likeness of the older ones. The reader, when Macedonia-Qatar relations are concerned, is put on a kind of carousel which can only make one’s head spin.

Why do we mention all these things? Due to the fact that a news report about economic cooperation must connect the past (which is formally quite intensive when contacts are concerned) and the future, which provides a real meaning to these visits. Such a report must not be reduced to only general notes about the excellent mutual relations. Journalists should also provide proof, talks about concrete topics and suggestions. If these relations are not good, the public needs an answer to the question why Qatar has not accepted any of the numerous Macedonian offers, and what is the reason for that? This way, it turns out that for journalists, these visits to Qatar only provide an opportunity to reuse copies of their old news! And of course, to attend a game involving our national men’s handball team.

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