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Media violence against children (UPDATED)

на 16. 09. 2016 | |

[Review: Live teenage sex: They recorded the hot action and went live on Facebook (VIDEO +18)]

  Author: Zoran Bojarovski   Numerous principles of domestic and international Codes of journalists are violated by this media content we are reviewing. And that’s not all – multiple provisions from international Declarations on the rights of the child are violated, that, by the way, have been ratified by the Republic of Macedonia,

Review: Babies will be implanted with GPS chips

на 26. 01. 2014 | |
Some journalists and editors have the odd need of constantly being in a state of making news out of every information, which is later widely read, viewed, heard, although oftentimes such information doesn’t have such potential. Most information is characterized by fake, seductive dazzle and most of the times, if the journalist is unable to resist it, and the editor cannot recognize it, such information becomes sensationalism. The article, subject of our review, complies with the aforesaid: this news’ fake dazzle hasn’t been “recognized” as worth of publishing, therefore this article’s title and content have nothing to do with reality. Yes, it should be said that the subject of implanting microchips containing personal data and GPS features is a hot