Attempting to Dress “Civil” into a Military Uniform

on 11 - 07 - 2014       
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Цивил одработува туѓи црни сценарија   подгрева тензии и провоцира меѓуетнички конфликти Press24-crop-resize

[Review: “Civil” working on foreign black scenarios – heating up tensions and provoking inter-ethnic conflicts]

This text in its introduction does not hide its intention to put the nongovernmental organization Civil in front of a firing squad. This intent is clear not only in relation with the current events connected to the protests due to “Monster” court case, but also due to Civil’s previous activities, which the author considers are pro-opposition, i.e. pro-SDSM. Claims by unnamed “experts” are used as “proofs” for these attempts to blacken the reputation of the NGO.

Цивил одработува туѓи црни сценарија   подгрева тензии и провоцира меѓуетнички конфликти Press24 Link to the original article: „Цивил“ одработува туѓи црни сценарија – подгрева тензии и провоцира меѓуетнички конфликти

Date and time of publication: 08.07.2014

Review dateе: 09.07.2014

Reviewer:  Stojan Sinadinov

The claims that Civil works to perpetrate foreign scenarios are only backed a claim that they come from “experts which conversed with the portal Press 24.” The names of these sources are absent from the text.

Therefore, the information sources are phantom experts, who, according to the article,are accuratelly informed about Civil’s agenda – “to blacken the reputation of the state in front of the foreign public, but also to chew it from the inside by creating conflicts and clashes.”

Extensiveness of the text is limited to allegations about a supposed scenario by Civil and by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia. Furthermore, the text cannot forgive Civil for attempting to protect the Zeqiri family from Radishani, because, according to the reviewed article, this fomented conflicts in the areas with mixed ethnicity, and then Civil used this to attack the state institutions with claims that they are incapable of solving these conflicts.

Besides blackening of the state and its institutions, the nongovernmental organization Civil tries to chew the state from inside, creating an atmosphere of conflicts and clashes.

This is the stance of the experts contacted by Press24. According to them, the NGO Civil, which is directly connected with the foundation SOROS Macedonia [sic] which has at its disposal EUR 5,200,000 in foreign donations which it uses to attack the current government. At the head of this foundation is Vladimir Milcin, former high official of SDSM which through NGOS and puppets like Civil conducts SDSM party politics.

The text has obvious bias. It claims that almost all NGOs ruin the reputation of the state via the media financed by the Foundation Open Society Macedonia.

[Instead of providing objective news content] this text contains intrusive commenting of the work of the nongovernmental organizations, using positions by unnamed experts. According to the text, Civil’s activities are just part of SDSM’s scheme.

– Civil, in its quasi-expert reports divided the media into: brave and dignified on one side, representing their reporters as targets of daily threats, pressures, lawsuits and hate speech promoted by media apologists of the government’s policies, and on the other side, pro-governmental media, which according to Civil, promote hate speech, vulgarities and rough language, experts claim.

One cannot determine if the text is in essence original or plagiarism, because it is based on phantom claims.

The title is tendentious and with a clear goal to defame the nongovernmental organization. The text is composed in a manner of a military court or post-war court verdict.

Using the too widespread phrase “according to the experts,” without noting facts, the reviewed text presents another common example of media lynching of a civil society organization.

This review was created within the framework of the USAID Media Strengthening in Macedonia Project - Media Fact-Checking Service Component,, mplemented by Metamorphosis. The review is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of its author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Metamorphosis, USAID or the United States Government. For more information on the work of USAID in Macedonia please visit its website ( and Facebook page (



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