Training held: Identifying and dealing with stereotypes and discrimination

on 1 - 11 - 2013       
Овој напис го има и на: Macedonian

The training on identifying and dealing with stereotypes and discrimination took place on October 30 in the GEM club in Skopje. It was intended for journalists participating in USAID’s Media Strengthening in Macedonia Project – Media Fact Checking Service Component implemented by Metamorphosis.

The four-hour training was attended by 15 journalists who learned more about how stereotypes are created and what they mean, but more importantly – they were familiarized with the basics of discrimination, its types, the dangers arising from it, as well as the methods for its prevention in the media. There was also a discussion about positive discrimination or affirmative actions taken by the countries, providing certain advantages to certain groups who were subject to discriminatory practices in the past. The training was conducted by Professor Mirjana Najcevska.

Materials used at the training:



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