The congruity between media reporting and the institutions` transparency

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The data owned by the citizens should be freely available – open the institutions. Photo: Wikipedia  

It is said that a society’s openness and level of democracy, i.e. respect and guarantee of free thinking, expression, free association and of the free life in general, can be estimated through the position and the meaning of the journalistic profession.

  Author: Dr. Dejan Donev, associate professor of ethics in journalism and ethics

Digitalization: Better Image, But No HD Resolution for All

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What did we gain from digitalization of television signal? Do we have television image of better quality? Have new interesting and valuable technologies been introduced? Are there possibilities to have such technologies introduced as result of television signal digitalization?

  Written by: Vladimir Petreski   Undoubtedly, digitalization introduced television image of higher quality. Transmission of

Why and how the smear campaign against Katica Janeva is (or will be) intensified: FACING FEAR WITH EYES WIDE OPEN

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Court hammer. Photo: orangesparrow, 2011

“The special public prosecutor is part of the public prosecution’s system and this prosecutor is ultimately responsible before the Parliament, i.e. the citizens from whom he receives his sovereignty. Procedurally, nothing has been done that goes beyond the possibilities stipulated by the Law on Public Prosecution. (…) Everything that is not forbidden by the law is permitted, which also means formation of internal

Smear campaign against the NGO sector: Slander and nonsense

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An attack with all the weapons. Collage: MFCS

The propaganda campaign using all weapons, launched these days against the NGO sector, quite openly resembles the smear campaigns and attacks of propagandists in countries where leaders practice authoritarian populism, countries with the so-called “Hybrid political system,” i.e. a system of “managed democracy” in which a consensus is not built with the political opponents, but they are seen as enemies whose political extinction is quite normal.   “Facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays, Vol. 2, 1926-29 Author: Vladimir Petreski When 46 NGOs in a country, especially in a small country, hold a common position telling the Prime Minister they do not believe in

Refugees, Migrants and Xenophobia in the Macedonian Media

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  What are the key problems of the media reporting when it comes to refugees and migrants who pass through Macedonia?   Author: Prof. d-r Mirjana Najchevska, human rights expert   The problem with one of the most marginalized groups in the world, the refugees – the illegal migrants, the asylum seekers, caught the attention of the Macedonian media at the beginning of this year. There were dramatic titles in

The Term “Sorosoids” is Discriminatory

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The term “Sorosoids” is obviously used to label, discredit and derogate a certain group of people. Written by: Prof. Mirjana Najchevska, PhD, human rights expert A number of media in Macedonia have gotten into a habit of using the term “Sorosoids.” This term may be used in different contexts, but always with negative connotation.
  • Political underground demasked: Sorosoids founding themselves and playacting as if they are NGO sector;
  • Vecher: These are the Soros’ mercenaries, who demand power without elections;
  • Dossier Sorosoids: Fake media, fake journalists… Only the money is real;
  • Latas on the Sorosoids and Radio MOF;
  • “Civil” gained half a million Euros from SOROS in just 3 years;
  • SDSM and the Sorosoids demand revoking of voting rights to expats

Media Manipulations with the IRI Poll

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Culpa lata dolus est
(Gross negligence is premeditation) By Prof. Mirjana Najcevska, PhD, human rights expert  Surveys can be useful tools to investigative journalism. A professionally conducted survey can offer wide material to journalists who can further process it, put it in context of their own analyses or use it to open some unopened issues. Surveys that periodically repeat using the same questions are especially useful. Media can use this data to show the dynamics of certain processes/events, to follow the development of events, and also to attempt to identify causal relationships between events. Surveys can be used to manipulate citizens, too. In the analysis entitled “Journalists love surveys,” I pointed to the reservations a journalist has to set when

Why do migrants get killed so much on the railway tracks in Macedonia?

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Railways as migrants’ graveyards. Photo: Novica Nakov, 2007 (CC BY-SA).

How come so many emigrants get killed on the railway tracks in Macedonia all of a sudden. Why previously the number of killed persons was much lower? What has changed?

By Prof. Mirjana Najcevska, PhD, human rights expert 
  • Yet another illegal migrant died at the railway track in Veles,
  • 7 migrants died on Macedonian railway tracks,
  • Another migrant died in

Are the media owners responsible for hate speech?

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The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Photo: LuxTonnerre, 2013   

Can media owners be convicted or punished for hate speech in their media?The answer is yes, if we take into consideration the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Author: Zharko Trajanoski, MA in Human Rights

Case Sürek v. Turkey (no.1)

An owner of a weekly review in Turkey was convicted and fined for publishing two letters of readers in August 1992, which the state considered to be disseminating separatist propaganda, inciting animosity and hatred, and justifying terrorist acts (the letters, translated to English, are included in the ruling). After the media owner filed an appeal, referring to the European

Critical Thinking Exercises: Is the Word “Slavs” Offensive to Macedonians?

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Future US ambassador to Macedonia, Jess Baily (in the middle) at the Independence Day celebration in the US Consulate in Adana, Turkey, where he served as deputy chief of mission. (With the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, F. J. Ricciardone, and spouses). Photo: U.S. Department of State, 2013  

The recent media smear campaign, accompanied with hate speech against the newly appointed American ambassador can serve as good basis for an exercise in posing critical questions.

Written by: Zharko Trajanoski, MA in Human Rights

1) Does the use of the term “Slavs” means “negation of the existence of the Macedonian people”?

The media witch hunt started after the following report by the MIA correspondent from Brussels: “There are Slav majority and