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Macedonia: The Media Coverage of the European Court of Human Rights

на 13. 02. 2013 | | mk, sq
By Prof. Mirjana Najčevska, PhD, human rights expert One role of the media in democratic states is to act as watchdogs of the government in the area of respect and protection for human rights. The reporting on the judgments/decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in general, and especially the decisions that refer to the Republic of Macedonia, is an important aspect of that watchdog role. When ECHR

Macedonia: On “Vest’s” Poll, Its Cancellation and Media Reactions

на 7. 02. 2013 | | mk, sq
On January 30, 2013, “Vest” daily launched a poll on its website, asking the readers to vote “Which TV personality should interview Gruevski while wearing no panties”. The daily explained that its editorial office was inspired by the “Serbian show in which a show host, with extremely revealing cleavage and wearing no underwear interviewed the Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dačić”. On January 31, 2013, the  editorial office decided to

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