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Santa Argirova: My idea is to open the MRT

на 13. 09. 2016 | | mk
Santa Argirova, editor in chief of MTV’s news program: “My ambition is not to turn the public broadcasting service into BBC or CNN”. Photo: Google/Flickr  

As my colleague professor Milan Kangrga, PhD, wrote in 2002 in his book “Nationalism or Democracy”, “ethics of journalism, as a form of professional ethics, is divine dimension of journalism because not only the term correctness while doing your job lays in the

The decimated media and the frantic corruption

на 30. 05. 2016 | | mk
Kitsch and corruption – the residency of the former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, nowadays a Museum of corruption. Photo: hélène veilleux  

The cognizance that we are living in а world of information, in an IT and information society that is galloping in its progress with the speed of light, today is supplemented with the fact that the possession of information is a priority, because being in step with

The congruity between media reporting and the institutions` transparency

на 27. 05. 2016 | | mk, sq
The data owned by the citizens should be freely available – open the institutions. Photo: Wikipedia  

It is said that a society’s openness and level of democracy, i.e. respect and guarantee of free thinking, expression, free association and of the free life in general, can be estimated through the position and the meaning of the journalistic profession.

  Author: Dr. Dejan Donev, associate professor of ethics in journalism and ethics

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