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EU Must Hold Gruevski to Account Over Reforms

на 2. 08. 2015 | | mk
Ерван Фуере. Фото: OSCE/Igor Schimbator, 2012
Ерван Фуере. Фото: OSCE/Igor Schimbator, 2012 The government’s continued culture of denial when it comes to the wiretapping allegations gives little reason to hope that it will respect the July 15 agreement. By Erwan Fouéré, originally published by Balkan Insight, republished with permission.   Six months have passed since the leader of the main opposition party in Macedonia revealed evidence of alleged corruption on the part of the government of

How should whistle-blowers be treated in the laws and in the media

на 17. 05. 2015 | | mk, sq
„”In the land of moles, the whistle-blower is king”. Today’s most famous whistle-blower – Edward Snowden. Photo: Tjebbe van Tijen, 2013

The involvement of the media is inevitable in the whistle-blowing process, as well as the involvement of the civil society organizations as an important segment that connects citizens with the public institutions and enables easier circulation of information.

Author: Vlado Gjorchev An unfavorable climate is present in Macedonia, where the media, NGOs, public and private companies, and citizens themselves have difficulties in achieving a more active, quality inclusion but also in presenting the problems they are facing on a daily basis. We could overcome this situation if policy-makers enable an improved accessibility and openness for the citizens, and provide

Workshop / Contest: “My First Mini-Video”

на 12. 05. 2015 | | mk, sq

The French Institute in Skopje, the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Lower Normandy region invite you to participate in the “My first mini-video” workshop and to take part in the contest. The “My first mini-video” workshop / contest are organized as part of the 8th edition of the French Film Festival The “My first mini video” workshop will be held on Wednesday and Thursday May 20-21, 2015 (17.00-20.00h) in the Multimedia classroom of the French Institute in Skopje (Maksim Gorki, No. 18) enabling you to create a mini-video using your mobile phone.
The purpose of the workshop is to prepare participants for creating a script and to provide them with technical advice about the creation of mini-videos with a mobile

Review: Former Special Rapporteur ignores the questions of “Dnevnik” daily about the “Putsch” affair

на 16. 04. 2015 | | mk
  The fact that Richard Howitt, one of the most influential MEPs “dared” to warn the Macedonian government not to arrest opposition leader Zoran Zaev, is obviously considered to be a “great sin” by some people. This is why the author of the article that is the subject of this review tried so hard (as she said) to reach this British politician, mostly at his Brussels address. Despite her alleged

Homage in the French Embassy for the victims in Paris

на 8. 01. 2015 | | mk, sq
Skopje, 8 January, 2015 (META) – Homage for the killed in the terrorist attack on the weekly “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris was held today at the Embassy of the Republic of France in Skopje. Ambassador Laurence Auer said that today is a national day of mourning in France and in diplomatic and consular missions of their country. She dismissed yesterday’s attack as a cowardly attack and insidious act, in which 12 people were killed. – Famous cartoonists from French press, journalists, employees and two policemen were among the victims. They fell from the bullets hatred and intolerance. In France, “Charlie Hebdo” embodies the freedom of expression on all possible topics. Intellectual provocation is essential in the building of our thought,

Are the media owners responsible for hate speech?

на 18. 12. 2014 | | mk, sq
The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Photo: LuxTonnerre, 2013   

Can media owners be convicted or punished for hate speech in their media?The answer is yes, if we take into consideration the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Author: Zharko Trajanoski, MA in Human Rights

Case Sürek v. Turkey (no.1)

An owner of a weekly review in Turkey was convicted and fined for publishing two letters of readers in August 1992, which the state considered to be disseminating separatist propaganda, inciting animosity and hatred, and justifying terrorist acts (the letters, translated to English, are included in the ruling). After the media owner filed an appeal, referring to the European

Review: The poor south is better for girls in high school, too

на 22. 08. 2014 | | mk
This is the second text with a very similar headline and reason, coming from the same media in a single month. The text is about processed data from Northern Europe related to rape of women, i.e. sexual harassment of female minors. We have no doubt about the authenticity of the presented content for Sweden, though there should be at least one more source (given that this is not a classic interview with the person providing the information). However, the method of connecting this information to the situation in Macedonia is extremely suspicious. The purpose is to leave an impression that it’s safer here and to send the following message (no matter how groundless it is): Don’t go to Sweden, especially

“Patriotic” hate speech: Hate towards the internal “enemies” (1)

на 12. 06. 2014 | | mk
“Hate has no place in our city” – a billboard in San Francisco. Photo: Eugene Kim, 2013   Author: Zarko Trajanoski, MA in Human Rights   “It is extremely important for the media to be careful not to become sources of hate speech and not to contribute to its further spread.” (Announcement of the Broadcasting Council, March 6, 2013)  “Patriotic” hate speech is recognizable by the intention of inciting, encouraging or justifying hatred towards internal and external “enemies.” At the core of this hate speech is the division to “We” (“patriots”) and “Them” (non-patriots) that are labeled with various stigmatizing names. “Patriotic” hate speech is often used as an instrument of psychological violence against critics of the current government, by

Free media and freedom of expression in Macedonia

на 10. 03. 2014 | | mk, sq

The International Institute of Human Rights and Peace in Caen, partner in the Decentralised Cooperation Lower Normandy/Macedonia, together with the Embassy of France in Skopje, dedicated two working days this February where the freedom of expression and media in Macedonia were analyzed.

The first day, on February 26, 2014, was reserved for round tables and debate (organized in cooperation with the Metamorphosis Foundation) with French and Macedonian experts in the field of law and journalism. Together with the public, mainly consisted of journalists and experts that work in this domain, the experts cross-referenced the freedom of expression and the media in Macedonia and in France, from the legal practice point of view. French experts from the organization Reporters without Borders,

Training held: Identifying and dealing with stereotypes and discrimination

на 1. 11. 2013 | | mk
The training on identifying and dealing with stereotypes and discrimination took place on October 30 in the GEM club in Skopje. It was intended for journalists participating in USAID’s Media Strengthening in Macedonia Project – Media Fact Checking Service Component implemented by Metamorphosis. The four-hour training was attended by 15 journalists who learned more about how stereotypes are created and what they mean, but more importantly – they were familiarized with the basics of discrimination, its types, the dangers arising from it, as well as the methods for its prevention in the media. There was also a discussion about positive discrimination or affirmative actions taken by the countries, providing certain advantages to certain groups who were subject to discriminatory practices
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