Quick Question Regarding Health For A Project

Marie Miguel

Hello, I am contacting you because I’m doing a bit of research for a general health & mental health project I’m working on. I stumbled upon a page of your site, I figured I would reach out. I have been featured in Yahoo, ADAA, TheMighty, AMHCA, GoodMenProject, ThriveGlobal, HealthComU, etc... and as a result, the mental health & overall wellness of individuals & families has become something I'm increasingly passionate about. In short, I'm involved with a project that is looking to educate more individuals about mental health topics by possibly working with platforms like yours. I decided to contact you because I noticed that you're linking to one of the leaders as it relates to health related topics, [], so you might be open to what I have in mind. If you'd be interested in hearing more, please let me know. If not, I understand and would understand if you don’t respond. Thank you for your consideration & time. Marie

24 - 10 - 2019

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